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Loncin signed cooperation agreement with BMW

Release Time:2015/3/13 4:55:59  Full Screen


Loncin Motor Co. Ltd signed large displacement pedal motorcycles long-term entrustment for manufacturing agreement with Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) in Chongqing on March 12, 2015. This signing of contract realizes the cooperation between both sides ascends from large displacement engine to finished motorcycle, and it also marks Chongqing-based large displacement high-end motorcycle manufacturing capacity reaches advanced level in the world.

It is understood that the project is a type of brand new motorcycle designed, it is expected to appear on the market mass, the production capacity is estimated to reach about 15000 units, the cycle of products sales is expected to be over 10 years, and the products will be marketed on global major markets including Chinese market. The total output value of this project is expected to exceed 3 billion Yuan.

The agreement mainly involved that Loncin Motor Co., Ltd would make 350 cc  large displacement water –cooled pedal motorcycles (including finished motorcycles and engines) for BMW based on technical data provided by them, and large displacement pedal motorcycles satisfying Europe Ⅳ standard would be mainly used for urban leisure riding stead of walk.

It was reported that Loncin became the first finished motorcycles supplier of BMW motorcycles in China following working with BMW on 650 cc engine in 2005 and cooperating with BMW 850 cc on dual-cylinder engine. Loncin will invest about RMB 100 million and build according to current international advanced production technological manufacture level and production conditions to achieve competitive advantages in quality, cost and schedule.

It is introduced that this Project will also drive products’ quality of a group of high-quality Chongqing-based motorcycle supplier to further make progress, promote the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing-based motorcycle industry, and enhance the competitiveness of Chongqing-based motorcycle companies in the world, gradually making them “shifting from the giant to superman”.( Report in the front page of Chongqing Daily on March 13th, 2015)